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Relationships Through Music



Our various music programs give young people the opportunity to be connected to a vibrant, healthy community. The connection of music provides a platform for meaningful relationships, skill development, and ultimately a voice into difficult experiences and circumstances.

Jam Sesh Music Community



Music with Vision is a beacon of hope by leveraging the power of music and linking it with community connection and strengthening resiliency skills. It allows marginalized and high-risk youth the opportunity to find their tribe, connect with music, overcome past trauma, support mental wellness and navigate steps to greater emotional, economic and educational attainment.

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Whether you are making a referral for a young person, looking to become a music mentor, or just excited about Music With Vision, take a minute to say hi and tell us a bit about yourself.



Musical Reflection Presentation 


Our resiliency presentation creates a deeper understanding of how to deal with emotions like anxiety and depression and how those contribute to substance abuse. This presentation is appropriate for school groups and those working with youth/young adults.


A Program Of NCCHP


Music With Vision is a project of Northwest Colorado Community Health Partnership. All contributions are tax deductible and overseen by NCCHP. (



Whether you have a skill for music or simply want to be a part of bringing restoration to young peoples lives, we have the opportunity to address issues of mental health and addiction. Learn more about how you can support.

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