Who We Are

Music With Vision was developed in collaboration with multiple non-profit agencies that share a common desire for at-risk, young people. Our desire is to give young people the opportunity to connect, heal and grow through music. Music With Vision is not simply a music program, rather, it addresses the root cause of addiction, depression, and other serious health outcomes that plague our community. 



What Is Trauma?

Study's show that people who have experienced a high number of childhood trauma's including abuse, neglect, or addiction/mental illness in the home have a higher risk of developing mental/physical health issues like depression and anxiety, as well as higher rates of substance abuse.


Resilience Learning Program



Music With Vision was launched as a collaboration between multiple local organizations including:

North West Colorado Community Health Partnership (

Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA (

Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation (

Northwest Colorado Health (

Sk8 Church Steamboat ( )

... Contact us for a full list of other collaborating organizations.