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Who We Are

Music With Vision was developed in collaboration with multiple non-profit agencies that share a common desire for at-risk, young people. Our desire is to give young people the opportunity to connect, heal and grow through music. Music With Vision is not simply a music program, rather, it addresses the root cause of addiction, depression, and other serious health outcomes that plague our community. 



What Is Trauma

Study's show that people who have experienced a high number of childhood trauma's including abuse, neglect, or addiction/mental illness in the home have a higher risk of developing mental/physical health issues like depression and anxiety, as well as higher rates of substance abuse.


What Is Resiliency Training?

Resiliency is defined by 10 specific traits including things like connecting with others, setting and accomplishing goals, and having a positive view of oneself. When developed in young people, their brains form new neurological pathways that result in an increased ability to address common life stresses that would otherwise lead to unhealthy choices.


Why Music?

Music is one of the most natural connections that we can make with young people. Music creates a place of safety, vulnerability, and the opportunity to grow young peoples self confidence as well as reconnect with their emotional responses. By utilizing music, we are able to develop trusted relationships that lead to connectedness and other traits of Resiliency.



Music With Vision was launched as a collaboration between multiple local organizations including:

North West Colorado Community Health Partnership (

Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA (

Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation (

Northwest Colorado Health (

Sk8 Church Steamboat ( )

... Contact us for a full list of other collaborating organizations.