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- Give a one time gift to support our vision of bringing healing through music.

- Contribute to a start-up need listed below.

Current Needs


- As of September 2017 we are $38,000 shy of our two year start up goal. Below is a list of things that need additional support. Please contact us for additional details:

- We have a goal of providing music lessons for 60 young people this year. Through our partnership with CMC, we are able to provide 12 week lessons for $150 per student, our average cost for teachers is $500/term. Donate below to support resiliency training through music lessons.

- Our Safe-Sober Events have a budget of $500 per event - sign up to sponsor one of our events

- Our Content and CD production studio has overhead costs of about $300 per CD - sign up to be a Jam Sesh Record Executive. 

- Here is a list of capital start-up costs for our live event venue, instruments, studio.

- Stage Materials: $3,000 (Contact For Details)

- Instruments: $7,000 (Contact For Details)

- Speakers, Sound Treatment: $7,000 (Contact For Details)

- Music Studio Equipment: $3,000 (Contact For Details)

To make a donation please visit our fiscal sponsor Northwest Colorado Community Health Partnership:



Music With Vision is a project of Northwest Colorado Community Health Partnership. All contributions are tax deductible and overseen by NCCHP. (http://ncchealthpartnership.org/)

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